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1. the first days of my life
2. billy the kid

3. shine

4. birth of my soul

5. do for you

6. out of sight

7. only human

8. all i want

9. as fast as i can

10. the one that got away

11. providence

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1. A Lie we Both Know 
2. World on Fire 
3. Stoned on You 
4. Songs of Nite 
5. Coco's Song 
6. My Friends to Me 
7. Save my Soul 
8. Wouldn't Leave You 
9. Love the World 
10. Lucky One 
Dave in Korea

My apologies to those of you that emailed me and got no response recently. I just moved into a new house, new town, and this is the first that my computer/internet is up and running in a while. I have been getting a lot of positive response from my DP Live album, thanks to all of you for the support. You can order the Live Album at the following adress: Send $11 per cd to Dave Pahanish Live- 36 Seventh St.- California PA 15419

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Archives - images and sounds from Dave's early days before recording Anywhere
Live recordings
{all shows are solo except where otherwise noted}

Friday July 2nd Marks Northpark Lounge- The Fieldhouse, Wexford PA- 724-934-7880, 8pm  

Saturday July 3rd-Lakeview- Cheat Lake WV- 6pm

Wednesday July 7th- Auggies, Strabane PA- 8:30pm 724-943-3636

July 8,9, 10- Jimis 9th Street Grill- Ocean City, MD 9th street off the boardwalk

Friday July 16th- Lagerheads- Coal Center, PA- 6pm 724-938-3470

Saturday July 17th- Ingram Days Festival- Ingram PA 6:30pm

Sunday July 18th- Southside Street Spectacular- Carson St.-Southside of PGH.PA- Time TBA  

Saturday July 24th- Pizzaz- Mcmurray PA- 9:30pm  

Sunday July 25th- The Palms- Speers PA- 6pm  

Thursday July 29th- Northpark Lounge- Babcock Blvd.- 9:30 pm- 412-364-9878

Friday August 6th- Club Cafe- Southside, Pgh. PA- 412-431-4950- 7:30Pm opener TBA- Advance tix available- send $7 per ticket to:
DP Tix
36 7th Street
California, PA 15419


Best Acoustic Performer 2000

"With a full voice that embodies the earthiness of Tracy Chapman and the warmth of Don McLean, Pahanish sings about a “dark night of the soul” (“Providence”), humanity (“Only Human”) and making the world a better place (“Billy the Kid”)."
- Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Dave Pahanish is a dynamite singer-songwriter... Long after your first listen, you will hear these songs... again and again. If it were ever possible to wear out a CD... you would do so with this recording. Truly a terrific, and inspiring CD."
- David Perozzi, ABC News

#1 CD
on Kweevak.com's top 10 for 2000

Pahanish reveals a passionate collection of intimate lyrics and soulful melodies with his sophomore release Shine.

He reflects the conviction of artists like Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and Van Morrison. Like these artists, his music resonates the content of this period captured in current pop production.

At first listen, Shine seems somehow familiar and with continued visits a deeper relationship is easily established. The music leads the listener down paths of their own life taking them through seasons and experiences that seem to play back a personal yearbook of sorts. This CD will not leave your player.


The story of singer, songwriter Dave Pahanish began in southern Pennsylvania. Born in Rice's Landing, PA in the early 70's, his musical career started as a piano student. While waiting for a lesson one-summer afternoon, the sounds of a guitar rehearsal next door caught his ear. From that moment he was inseparable from his guitar. 

Pahanish spent the years to come writing of life and about his one true love. He perfected his craft playing in coffeehouses and busking in parks across Middle America. These travels created the stories of Anywhere. The story of lost friendship was the inspiration for "My Friends to Me". It focuses on the essence of relationship that is often forsaken reminding us that, "My friends to me must be remembered". 

The songwriting on Anywhere is not its only commodity. In "Wouldn't Leave You" the vibrato in Dave's voice creates the illusion that the song is whispered into the listener's ear. His subtle vocal nuances bring even more intimacy to this story of spiritual awakening.

In the anthem "Love the World", Pahanish comes to terms with his fears by observing his father surrender to the reality of his own life: 

"So I'm here to tell you baby,
There's a chance for tomorrow,
There's a reason for today,
But your life, it don't mean nothing,
If you throw it all away,
So don't throw it all away."

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